Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blueberry Scones and Chai Latte of the Gods at Three Little Figs

Three Little Figs is a cafenista's dream for anyone living near Davis Square. Tucked away on Highland Ave., it's the sort of charming little cafe that you want to sit in for five hours while nursing a designer coffee beverage and watching snow waft down outside. However, you will be lucky to get a seat. Especially on the weekends, when people line up to wait for one of the coveted white tables or a spot at the handsome darkwood bar. If you can't hold out for half an hour, then you sit in one of the waiting chairs against the wall and scarf down your goodies straight out of the bag.

Should you score a seat, you will likely wait even longer for your coffee, but when it does arrive, it will be succor from Valhalla...the baristas at Three Little Figs treat their drinks like masterpieces and it shows when you take the first sip.

So why is everyone willing to cram into this little shop and jostle around for a seat? Well, it's not even a French cafe, come down to it, but a cafe started by a woman with Greek roots, who has gems on the menu such as spinach pie and goat cheese scones, along with a ravishing array of pastries. And as the name suggests, fig jam flows like honey here, to slather upon the muffins, scones, biscuits, and cakes in their glassy display case.

And I know you're wondering how their scones stack up. A crunchy exterior dotted with little beads of sugar, a light and flaky interior with a mild taste. The flavors are not going to hit you over the head, unless you order the lavender scone. The blueberry and fig n' pear scones are much more subdued, and go nicely with a bit of jam and butter. I would prefer a hint of lemon or lime zest to give them a little zip, and a bit more fruit for a juicier scone. But perhaps this is the limit of the scone itself; it is fundamentally a conveyance machine for other substances, such as clotted cream, golden syrup, chocolate sauce, custard, etc. It is the defacto bridesmaid of the pastry world...nobody is going to swoon over it the way they might over a cream puff or an eclaire.

Truth be told, the ginger bomb muffins, the eggnog cake, and the bacon corn muffin at Three Little Figs are much flashier on looks and taste, so by no means limit yourself to the scones. And if you're going in for a beverage, a word to the wise: avoid the iced tea. Mine came with a thick cloud of sediment that gave my tea the appearance of having a plankton bloom in full swing. Stick with the hot drinks; that's their bag at Figs.


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