Monday, December 19, 2011

Davis Square Farmers Market: No Place for a Scone

The essence of the scone is that it must be dense, while still cakey, and it must be tender without falling into crumbs. It is, under no circumstances, supposed to have a consistency
that belongs on the ice at the Stanley Cup. It should not have a sheen like a hard cooked dinner roll. It should not, in my opinion, be made of whole wheat flour either.

Alas, such creatures exist. But they shall not be called scones on my blog. What I purchased this summer at the Davis Square Farmers Market qualifies as a roll, or perhaps a hiker's carb-packed nutritional bar, but it shall not go to the ball, it shall not quaver before the queen in anticipation of a little butter and clotted cream.

But, perhaps that is what you get when you buy scones from a bread stand. People who make darn good glutinous loaves that would do any sandwich proud. Gorgeous pizzas, yummy rice-based cakes of sesame and ricotta cheese, sourdough heaven, a rainbow of flour products that have been artfully made. Yes, the bread stand (called "Hearth Song"?) has all of those things, and is more than deserving of our business. I personally made off with several pizzas, all of which were happily devoured.

And I so did want to love that berry scone I purchased. But for reasons mentioned above, I was forced to DQ this treat from my scone hunt. I will not further abase the poor dear with bad grades. Go for the bread, kids, and stay away from the hockey pucks.

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