Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boston Chinatown: Treachery at 101 Bakery!!!

It was the perfect bait for the bakery babe…a yellow sponge cake rolled over taro filling, frosted with a neon purple snowbank and topped with a jelly glazed strawberry. The bakery was cute, the cake case was full of wonders, and I laid down my $2 with no second thought: the taro cake would be mine!
The offending party!
But oh-no-no, treachery at the bakery! I should’ve known that when it took me a few minutes to wrestle a forkful of the cake free that I was in trouble. After chewing vigorously for a moment and then feeling desperately that I needed a glass of milk, I thought, “maybe I just need a bite of frosting with it.” But the frosting was in no way fluffy, silky, creamy, or edible. Because that devious beauty had clearly been sitting on the cake shelf for upwards of 3 days. And it was made of so serious a lack of fresh ingredients that my guess is it will still be shelf stable into the next millennia. It was not exactly brick like, but rather so chewy, so heavy, so stubborn, that I really wouldn’t recommend it to even a casual cake enthusiast.
Try at your peril!
The real heartbreak here is that 101 Bakery is one of the nicer looking bakeries in Chinatown. It really is a sweet place to sit and imbibe bakery vibes. The buns and Chinese flat pastries are good, although not what you might expect. Things that look like almond croissants are actually soft dinner buns wrapped over taro, coconut, and bean fillings. That and an iced tea might make a nice stop on your tour of Chinatown. But don’t on any account dabble with the cakes!

Redemption in the baked goods?
 101 Bakery is at 56 Beach St. (between Tyler St & Oxford St), should you want to brave it. 

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