Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cakeology: Sprinkles are Love!

Heart counts for a lot with cupcakes. I'm not sure it's even humanly possible for a grouch to make good cupcakes, and who wants to find out anyway! No, I think cupcakes need to be made with love. And Victoria Donnelly of Cakeology has it in spades. It's clear from the minute you walk into her little bakery hidden in the heart of downtown that whimsy has gone into every detail. The nearly edible 1970s purple "Cakeology" sign leads you into a violet and magenta wonderland of a cafe, where a bowl of fortune cookies reigns on the counter and each table comes with sprinkle dispensers. That's right, sprinkle dispensers. One with chocolate sprinkles and one with rainbow; because what cupcake can't get a little more swoony with extra sprinkles? That's the love, people.

Double Chocolate cupcake

Mosey up to the counter and you will likely see Victoria at the Kitchenaid, with a speckle of frosting or two on her apron. She's happy to chat about cupcakes with you, and the love for her ingredients really shines through (it's all butter, kids; no shortening here). Need your cupcakes delivered for free? No problem. Need insanely cute pink boxes with Bruce the Panda logo on them? Need help getting them to your car? No problem. It's that kind of bakery.

Vanilla Vanilla cupcake

Now, down to the cupcakes. They carry about 6 regular flavors and then mix things up with 2 or 3 flavors of the day. When I came in, she had just set out a batch of special brownie sundae cupcakes: a chocolate cake base topped with whipped cream frosting, chocolate sauce, walnuts, and a cherry. Tell me who doesn't think any dessert or situation in life can't be made better with a maraschino cherry?

brownie sundae cupcake

After having one of these cupcakes, along with a glass of mango iced tea, you'll start feeling like you just bellied up to the happy sugar bar. Because the cupcakes, no doubt, are very sweet. Or at least the frosting is. Piled gloriously high on such staples as the vanilla vanilla and the double chocolate, prepare yourself for a high octane dose of sugar and butter, followed by a spongy moist cake that carries all that frosting with dignity.

One really could get lost in the sea of chocolate glaze and cream...and those are just the everyday cupcakes. Given the specialty flavors I've yet to try (Margarita, Peach Melba, Earl Grey...), there's no doubt I'll be back for Cakeology's goodies in quantity.

Boston Cream Pie cupcakes

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