Monday, February 27, 2012

Cocktail Cupcake Happy Hour

Cocktail purists and cupcake purists may both say that the cupcake and the cocktail never shall meet, that it is blasphemy to put them on the same plate. I say, bah! On the last Monday of every month, Kickass Cupcakes holds its free cocktail cupcake happy hour. They're giving out three mini cupcakes that all have a heady shot of bon vivant in them.
Regular ol' chocolate liquor here, boohoo!

Tonight's flavors?
Bailey's Irish Cream: Chocolate cupcake, Bailey's Chocolate Ganache center, Bailey's whipped cream.
Rooty Toot Toot: Rootbeer cupcake soaked with spiced rum and topped with spiced rum frosting and a dash of nutmeg.
Leap Year Lemon Passionfruit Fizz: Lemon cupcake soaked with vodka, lemon passionfruit curd center, and lemon icing.
Bailey's Irish Cream Cupcake
It's hard to describe these fresh, lovely minis, except to say that each is a sound smack to the tongue that makes you stop and think that you've been sorely deprived to wait all these years to have a cocktail in your cupcake. Perhaps, indeed, what is most annoying about your average liquor cake is that you don't actually taste the libation in your dessert. But I promise you there will be a hit of vodka in your Leap Year cupcake, and a shot of Bailey's in the Bailey's Irish Cream.

Why choose just one?
If a mini isn't enough, have no fear! All three are available as limited edition regular size cupcakes. And while you're there, consider picking up another of their limited editions: the red velvet.

Or the promising Snowball?

You may guess from the photos what I had for dinner. And while it's not the first time I've had nothing but dessert for a main course, it is a rare treat to have a cocktail and cupcake together in one lovely package. Happy Hour lasts until 8p.m., so stop by if you're near Davis Square!

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