Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cupcake Deathmatch! Cakeology vs. Sweet

It's time for Cupcake Deathmatch! I've picked two comparable bakeries from the same part of town and am putting their cupcakes in a deathmatch! Cakeology from downtown Boston and Sweet from Newbury Street. Two well known bakeries that aspire to serve artisan cupcakes, both in the $3 range. Whose cupcake threw down? Read on!

I picked the vanilla vanilla because it should, in theory, be the easiest cupcake possible, and one that is easy to compare across bakeries. But it turns out not all vanilla cupcakes taste like vanilla...some just taste like baking soda. I picked three categories to judge: frosting, cake, and looks.

The frosting was an easy decision. Cakeology had a very buttery, sweet icing with flecks of vanilla. Sweet had brain exploding levels of sweetness and very little flavor. For the cake, Sweet had good texture but almost no flavor, not even a hint of vanilla. Cakeology had a tender crumb, yellow and fluffy, with a good flavor. As for looks, I think Cakeology takes it for their ridged swirl of frosting and the white chocolate shavings on top. Sweet's cupcakes isn't too ugly, but it does look like a snowman melted down on top.

The verdict? Cakeology takes all the marbles with a score of 26 points out of 30. It's official, Bostonians, if you're downtown and want a nosh, go to Cakeology for the goods!

Want to know more about Cakeology (www.cakeology) and Sweet (  scroll down to see my full reviews or click on the "Downtown Boston" tab above.

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