Saturday, March 17, 2012

Epic St. Patrick's Day Fail

"Get thee to the Burren," the Bakery Babe said to herself this morning, loaded up with green nail polish and eyeshadow. After all, it's St. Patrick's day and Boston is the place to celebrate it. Armed with my foodie clipboard, I walked down to what is normally a very quaint local pub that is reputed to have some of the best fish and chips in Boston. I'd read that there would be live music, and I thought I'd have half a pint of cider, kick up my shamrocks, and survey the scene. I realized, as I came upon roving packs of college kids in full leprochaun gear that Davis Square might be more of a Paddy destination than I'd anticipated. A man walked by me wearing nothing but a bathrobe adorned with the Boston Celtic's logo. A couple loaded head to toe with green  beads were having what looked like a drunken spat as they tried to make their way toward the next green beer. I won't deny, I became a bit nervous. I don't do well among plastered yahoos in enclosed spaces. But I pressed on, thinking optimistically that perhaps there would be a corner in the Burren where I could obtain fish and chips, then sneak out again. Oh ho ho, the delusions of a hungry blogging babe were soon crushed. The Burren had the front roped off into lines, so that all those thirsty revellers can wait an hour or two before they make their way to the bar. Bouncers in "staff" t-shirts were collecting a door fee, presumably for the U2 tribute band playing inside. Even the next-door, down-on-your-luck, bar-of-last-resort Sligo had a line out front. My half pint of cider and dancing leprochauns all fizzled to the sidewalk.

Trying hard for a consolation prize, I rambled over to Kickass Cupcakes, for a bailey's cupcake or two. Alas, sold out. I ended up with a key lime cupcake that, while very cute, had no shamrock shazam.

And while Dunkin Doughnuts has the right spirit, I'm not certain these Paddy Day doughnuts qualify as a taste experience.

The sad fact of the matter is that I ended up having a burrito for lunch, with guacamole added for a St. Paddy's day splash of color. I retreated home with one lesson learned: St. Patrick's Day in Boston is not for amateurs!

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  1. Aw! Our local pubs are always in insane mad house as well! I try to make the best of it at lunch time or the night before...