Friday, March 9, 2012

The Quiet Dignity of the Lindt Bunny

The Lindt store on Boylston is a magical time at Easter. Bins and boxes of shiny, metallic-papered truffles overflow from every corner. And squadrons of gold bunnies wait patiently to leap into bags and make someone's Easter a lot sweeter. Compared to the plethora of low-brow bunnies out there, the Lindt bunny really does have a quiet dignity; no googly eyes or pink frosted ears here!

So why am I not over the moon about my visit? I probably should be. I went in on the Lindt bunny's birthday and got a free chocolate bunny for my trouble. And for fifty cents a truffle, I had a small bag of goodies without tipping the monthly budget down a steep slope of ruin.

They looked like they should taste good, right? And what a neat idea to be able to graze around and make up a bag of whatever you like. So what's the problemo? In a nutshell, the fillings are runny and watered down. The chocolate shell itself is certainly more lux than a Hershey bar and goes down smoothly. But the fillings are, sans doubt, cheap and trashy. The Russell Stover Easter eggs have classier fillings.

However, this is not to suggest that there's no joy to be had in stopping by the shop, which looks like a cross between an old time candy store and a Louis Vuitton store. If you have a few dollars and need to get maximum trufflage for your buck, stop by and grab a bagful. If you lust for high octane chocolate, scoot along to Teuscher or Godiva, both of which are within a city block of Lindt.

704 Boylston St
(617) 236-0571

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