Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Sneak Peak of LA Burdick at Copley Square

For those who already have a burgeoning and unwieldy love affair with LA Burdick in Harvard Square, your options have just increased. LA Burdick has picked a quaint little building off of Boylston to serve as headquarters downtown. And by the gods, it is glorious! Just as charming and cozy as the Harvard Square location, but about twice as big with more seating. Pink and gold stripes adorn the walls, elaborate brass chandeliers bob from the ceiling...and, oh my, the chocolate doesn't disappoint either.

The cafe won't have it's license until early April, but the chocolate shop is open for business in all other regards. So stop by for a ganache penguin...

Or one of the other bombastically good bon bons...

And let's not forget the mice...those mind-boggling cute truffles that invoke near holy levels of adoration in this Baking Babe.

Will I report back in mid April on the goodies to be had from the cafe? You bet! In the meantime, check the Easter goodies for yourself.

220 Clarendon St., Boston, MA

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  1. Oooh, thanks for this update. Most people go for the chocolates, but I've always loved Burdick's pastries best of all. Can't wait for the full cafe to open, but maybe Easter shopping is in my future while I wait.