Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Truffle Deathmatch: the end of my chocolate credibility?

It was a simple concept. Get a milk chocolate truffle from each of the "Big 5" downtown: Teuscher, Godiva, Lindt, Max Brenner, and LA Burdick. Taste test them all at once, and pronounce one the winner of the Downtown Milk Chocolate Truffle Deathmatch. I wasted no time in hoovering some of the city's sweetest truffles down the hatch, careful to grade texture, scent, looks, and price. My conclusion?

The Bakery Babe's Score Card
First place: Godiva
Second place: Teuscher
Third place: Max Brenner
Fourth place: Lindt
DQ'ed for lack of a milk chocolate truffle: LA Burdick

I had good reasons for my ruling. Burdick had only one milk chocolate selection, but it had pistachios in it, and the addition of nuts put the little bugger so far off the charts of numminess that I thought it was unfair to pit it against plain truffles from the other stores. The Lindt truffles were runny and not very chocolatey inside, the Max Brenner chocolate had an aftertaste that reminded me of how my mom's sewing basket used to smell, the Teuscher truffle was very tasty, but it cost three dollars. So I felt confident that the Godiva truffle, in its lux, smooth chocolatiness should easily reign supreme.

But wishing to avoid any shades of autocracy, I foisted the truffles on my friend, the Sultan, and asked for his opinion. The Sultan has often claimed that he will only eat chocolate from Belgium, and in such large quantities as to prompt constant fainting fits onto his velvet settee. Surely he would agree the Godiva was worthy of royalty?

The Sultan's Score Card
First place: Lindt
Second place: Teuscher
Third place: Max Brenner
Fourth place: Godiva
...no data on LA Burdick, as I ate them all rather than give one to him

So, there you have it. Another chocolate afficionado put the truffles in the exact opposite order as I did. The Godiva was too thick and heavy, he intoned. The Lindt was a symphony of goodness upon the royal palate. And Teuscher, were it not so expensive, would've ranked even higher on his list. Befuddled, I grilled him at length, but he wouldn't budge. The Lindt was queen.

I decided then and there that I could not, in all good conscience, declare a winner, as it's clear that the topic is wildly subjective. What is the consolation in this maze of chocolate goodness? You will have to try each and every one of these yourself before you can declare your own personal winner to the Truffle Deathmatch...and that, friends, is not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

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  1. just found your site through the food bloggers network...this is so interesting! funny how two people can have completely different takes on the same thing. i'm now totally craving a chocolate truffle! i'll be sure to get both a lindt and a godiva :)