Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boston's Beacon Hill Chocolates: Killing my budget sweetly

Beacon Hill Chocolates is one of THOSE places. Pink stripes on the wall, mint green fireplace, polished oak wood floor...yep, the Babe wanted to bring her sleeping bag and MOVE IN. But ounce for ounce, it might be cheaper just to check in to the Ritz. Beacon Hill pushes past Teuscher and LA Burdick to charge almost $4 a truffle. But by the time you've been sucked in by their powerful choco-magnet and are at the counter, I'm not sure you'll care. You'll be faced with a collection of chocolates from all over the country, including many New England chocolatiers. And you might just find yourself thinking, "Do I really need to pay rent?" in the face of little pink cat bon bons with red hearts, a herd of bunnies, and some very cute sheep.

Or Easter egg truffles...

Or the whole case...

In an act of saint-like control, I managed to escape having only purchased one black cat truffle. And I have to say, it was good. Really dang good. Not LA Burdick good. Not Teuscher champagne truffle good. But still, highly edible. Whether or not it was worth $4 is really up to just how badly you need your chocolate to meow and swish its tail before you pop it in your mouth.

But if bon bons aren't your thing, this store is jammed with decorative boxes, bags of candy, fresh macaroons, a gelato corner, and just a few Easter goodies...

Philosophically speaking, if you can't find something to like in this store, there's not much the Babe can do for you. Even if you just come in to inhale the good vibes, drool over the chocolate, and plan ways to spend your next paycheck, get yourself to Beacon Hill Chocolates!

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