Saturday, April 14, 2012

Curly Cakes: Boston's ugly ducklings?

Let me pose a rhetorical question. Why rent a store on Charles Street, go into the crazy, difficult business of running a cupcake shop, put all that time and money into decorations, make daffy good cupcakes that are worth a visit...and then BESMIRCH the entire gig by putting plastic cake domes over your cupcakes that are so scratched up and foggy that you can't see the cupcakes clearly? Why, indeed. I present to you the worst cake display in Boston.

The others are only modestly more visible.

Can you hear the Bakery Babe's heart breaking? Deprived of my photo op, I took a bite of an absolutely lovely cake, with a good vanilla taste, and a soft crown of frosting. They were good cupcakes. Really good. But I'm not sure anyone walking off the street would guess, given the murky view. The truly baffling part is that those foggy cake domes are overkill: there's already a glass wall to keep customers from breathing on the cuppies. That said, word of mouth may save Curly Cakes in the end; while I was in the store several regulars came in and hauled off a decent payload of cake. I say, give Curly Cakes a chance. These ugly ducklings might just turn into swans.


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  1. If they are as good as you say, maybe it would be worthy to mention to the owners your tips (on presentation and display). It would be a shame for them to lose out on customers on such easy-to-fix things!