Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mariposa Bakery: Comfort in a Cup for Central Square

Mariposa is easy to walk by, in it's shaded Central Square den. And many a person has no doubt walked straight past, in a sprint for Flour Bakery just a few blocks away. But consider this less glamorous cousin of Flour, this slightly less shiny, less manic, less packed alternative. Because once you make it in the door, you will find a very down home cafe with brick walls and local art, nice counter gals, and plenty of places to sit. And what would make the Babe even happier? You got it: a cafe that bakes its own goodies. Cookies, scones, fudgy brownies, lush coffee cakes. Mariposa's little counter is crammed with homemade beauties.

You can be assured that the baked goods are just as nice as Flour's, although a little less glamorous and certainly less expensive. The portions are bigger and the wait time is about at tenth of what you'll get down the street.

The specialty of the house, I have it on good authority, is the chocolate chip scone, which I snapped up and highed away to a table with a very nice glass of iced tea. As always before biting into a scone, I stopped and wondered if my lips were about to be met with a cement wall of bland gluten. But, NO, Mariposa's scone was sweet, flaky, and tender all at once, with studs of melty chocolate. And the counter girl didn't even blink when I asked for butter to slather on.

All told, it was a dang good scone; definitely in the top five of Boston scones so far. The Babe recommends you put Mariposa and her scones on your list for those days when you need comfort in a cup and a good-vibe cafe for a few hours of hanging out.

Mariposa Bakery 424 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 876-6500

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