Sunday, April 1, 2012

Note to Mr. E. Bunny: Bring Me LA Burdick, I Beg You!

A wall of chocolate bunnies

It's no secret that I find LA Burdick chocolate to be the apex of what a chocolatier can achieve; the added cuteness of their mice truffles makes me cuckoo to a degree that few confections can. And I did think, as I stopped by in Cambridge this weekend to survey their Easter goodies, "Is this overkill?" Can my readers possibly want to see yet another set of photos from Burdick? If you're my kind of chocolate fiend, then yes, you really can stand to see yet another drool-worthy photo montage. Because this, friends, is Easter time, and Burdick is a whole other store for bunny season.

White chocolate bunny truffles
Pretty Easter ribbons, oh my!
Chocolate eggs filled with treats!
Chocolate nest with jelly eggs!
While the Easter goodies aren't cheap at Burdick, they are without doubt, mind-blowingly good. And the large chocolate Easter bunnies cap out at $20, which is comparable to Godiva and some of the other designer chocolate stores in Boston. So splurge a little, I say, and fill your basket with choco bling fit to make the very heavens weep!
Note: Shockingly, I have not been paid a single penny by LA Burdick to write about them. This is pure, unadulterated chocolate lust that can't be bought!

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