Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arthur's Bakery: The Real Deal

For many Bostonians, the suggestion that they might stray more than a block or two from the red line induces hysteria. But there's good reason to put on your walking shoes and head into Medford: namely, awesome Italian bakeries. Just a 20 minute walk from Davis Square is Main Street Medford, a small cluster of neighborhood shops that boast Arthur's Bakery among them.

Arthur's is a family-run bakery on it's third or fourth generation, filled with that elusive thing the Bakery Babe has been searching for: lush desserts with real cream at a small price. What sets Arthur's apart from anything I've tried in the North End is that they use a much higher quality of ingredients. There's real cream in the cream puffs. There's real ricotta in the cannolis and the shells are made there in the store. The mousse cake is a slouchy, soft ode to all that is right in the genre. And it's less than $3 a slice. I am not kidding when I say that their cannolis are the nicest I've had in Boston (yes, that includes in the North End).

But what really warms my heart are the cookies. Shelves and shelves of homemade cookies.

And if you want to pick up a box as a gift, you're in luck! Arthur's has stacks and stacks of be-ribboned boxes ready to take home.

The baker at Arthur's is a garrulous, fun character who will tell you all about his great-grandfather's first Boston bakery, and he makes no bones about his thoughts on modern bakeries today. The lady at the counter has a heart of gold, and I left with my tidy little box of goodies feeling that I'd been to a warm, top-notch bakery with a wonderland of dainties. Please do get in your car or put on your walking shoes and come out to support this sweet bakery. You won't regret it!

382 Main Street Medford, MA 02155
(781) 395-4812

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  1. Cream puffs make with real cream? Cannolis made with real ricotta? Handmade heart-shapes cookies? I'll take one of each please :) Definitely will be sending all my friends who live in the Boston area to this bakery!