Friday, May 25, 2012

La Cascia's Bakery: mangia, Boston!

Cascia's has something your average bakery doesn't. Pizza. Subs. Cold cuts. Pickled hot peppers. This busy joint is half bakery, half deli, but it's ALL Italian. Would you like a fresh loaf of bread? A square of just-baked pizza for $2? How about chicken parmiggiano? Well, for a lot of customers I saw in the store, the answer was yes. But the Babe was on a mission to sample the baked goods. And there was a LOT to pick from! Moon cakes, whoopie pies, mocha cake, ricotta cheese cake...

When strung between a cannoli and a cupcake, the Babe picks...both, of course! Cascia's has a nice, light crumb to their cake, and old-fashioned decorations that prompted the big bear of a counter man to say, "You got strong feelings on which color rose you get?" As it happens, I would've been happy with any of them!

Don't forget to try one of their tricked out cookies, either.

I'll go so far as to say that you can't go wrong here. The staff is friendly, the savory food is good & cheap, and the bakery goods have a lot of old-school heart. It's worth making the trek out to Medford just to say you had a $2 slice of old-school pizza.

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