Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lulu's Sweets Shoppe: A Sweet End to a Day in the North End

Lulu's isn't Italian, to clear that up right off the bat. You won't find eclairs or cream puffs or little wedding cookies, as you might in many of the other shops in the Italian district. But for those making the circuit of Hanover Street to Salem Street and back to the T, you will find Lulu's a last stop on your sugar jag. And why is it worth a stop in? Friendly staff, old-fashioned little bags of candy, and a modest but delicious selection of cupcakes. All in a haze of hot pink decor.

The cupcakes are well priced at under $3, and they aspire more to the realm of 1950s cupcakes than the modern breed of designer cuppies. That means you won't have to fight two cups of icing to get to the cake, which is immensely moist. Their signature cupcake is the chocolate with cream filling, with a very cute "Lulu's" written on the chocolate frosting. So grab a few, along with a lollipop or two, on your way out of the North End.

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