Friday, June 15, 2012

Crumbs Bake Shop NYC: In n' Out Cupcakes

Don't be fooled by their title; Crumbs Bake Shop has anything but the leftovers. What I found was the quintessential NYC sugar pit stop. There are no chairs or space to linger. You go into one of their many locations and get straight to business. The cupcakes are not situated to entice or bewitch, rather they are loaded on racks just tall enough to fit them. The expectation is not so much that you'll linger, but that you already know what you want.

With flavors like blueberry swirl and cheesecake brownie, you might just have to order one of each. And if you are in a party mind, try one of their gigantic cupcakes that will feed four people handsomely.

I had a birthday cupcake, which was simple yellow cake and lovely chocolate frosting with a halo of sprinkles.

I have to say, this cupcake was not too expensive, the cake was light, and the frosting was quite pleasant. I made the mistake of eating an entire one on my own and it was several hours before I could contemplate another nibble.

Perhaps there is an original Crumbs bakery floating around NYC that is richly quaint and charming. But until I find it, I'll say that Crumbs is a great source of well-priced cupcakes that you can drop into anytime and snark out with a party-full of goodies.

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