Saturday, July 7, 2012

Babycakes and Confections: num num num

I've seen clear cartons and baggies full of goodies at Pemberton Farm that say "Babycakes" on them, and now I've finally gotten a chance to try the offerings of a Massachusetts baker who juggles motherhood with her commercial kitchen. If you're lucky enough to be near a store that carries Karen's products, you can be certain they will be some of the prettiest cupcakes you've ever seen.

There are all kinds of sparklies showered on these bad girls, and really, if you bought 6 of these at a shee-shee bakery, it would cost about $18. It's about $7 at Pemberton Farms. So if you want some gorgeous looking cupcakes on a budget, this is the place to start (they're in the case in front of the sandwhich counter). But here is the catch. You need to make sure they're fresh. Babycakes can't control how long the store lets these sit in the case. The buttercream will either be transcendent or indifferent, depending on when it's placed out; so if there's only one carton looking lonely in the case, wait until there is a whole herd (so you know they've just stocked up). I will say that the red velvet cupcakes are beyond the pale of good. Really, so tasty and cream-cheesy with a not-too-sweet cake that is just the right size for a three-bite devour. Add in the devilish red glitter strewn on top, and you have a convert. I will be purchasing these anytime I want to treat a friend to a decadent dessert experience.

And on a side note, for those in a pinch who cannot find a decent looking cake for a birthday, may I recommend that Babycakes make a very nice birthday cupcake array?

Here are a list of places they can be purchased:

• Idylwidle Farm, Acton, MA
• Nashoba Brook Bakery, Concord, MA
• Pemberton Farms, Cambridge, MA 
• Dover Market Dover, MA 
• Wilson Farm, Lexington, MA
• Water Fresh Farm, Hopkinton, MA
• Volante Farms, Needham, MA

Or go here for more information:

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  1. The sound really nice. Too bad they're not sold in Canada. Nice review!