Sunday, July 15, 2012

Georgetown Cupcakes: A vision of plenty

I think I've hit upon one of the most important factors in a good bakery experience, and Georgetown Cupcakes is to credit for the revelation. Often at shee-shee cupcake joints, there are perhaps 4 or 5 varieties of cake, and of each there might be ten cupcakes at most out on display. So one feels like a hummingbird buzzing about a modest bunch of flowers. When you walk into Georgetown Cupcakes, the new store on Newbury street, you are hit by a wall of cupcakes. Hundreds of them, stacked high in a beautiful display case. I was immediately buoyed up by that wonderful sense of plenty. And no doubt, the many people behind me in line were happy also to see that there was more than enough for everyone to haul a box of treats home. And be warned, on a weekend, there will definitely be a line, and for a good reason. This place is, for lack of a better word, the bomb.

Salted caramel beauties that truly taste of both salt and caramel. Oreo mint, strawberry, key lime, red velvet...I was nearly buzzing about in an anticipatory sugar high, trying to decide which cupcakes to order. Really, would you be able to chose just four? And if you begin to fret that the several hundred in the display case might be the last, look to the back and see a tower of industrial cooking trays stacked with more to come. I have noticed in my eating adventures that places which make the food on the premises feel better; they just do. There is a certain happy humming of activity and creation that gives a sense of contentment. Someone worked hard to make these cupcakes, and odds are good she's one of the bandanna'd bakery goddesses behind the counter. It's that kind of happy place.

And I wasn't disappointed with the taste. The cake was fine-crumbed and spongy, not at all likely to fall apart but still tender. The icing was a just-right pillow of butter cream that tasted... real. You know what I mean, people. Sometimes, even at fancy bakeries, you have a bite of butter cream and are left with the sinking suspicion that no actual butter ever went in the mixing bowl. You won't have any doubts at Georgetown, where they do it right. They even have winsome birthday cupcakes that would be amazing at a party, and even one variety of gluten-free.

Take a peek on their website and you will see the most precious seasonal cupcakes, including Halloween beauties that have convinced the Babe to line up this October and snag some. But no matter what the season, make sure you plan a trip to Newbury Street to visit this bakery; it really is a special spot.


  1. dc kid who used to go to the tiny original shop, love when people love these little babies . . . although i go to baked and wired now because tourists are always all the way up the block at the m street store lol salted caramel and red velvet are my faves!

  2. I was literally just talking about this place with a friend- apparently one just opened in NYC so I'm going to have to go try it. Have you watched the show on TLC at all?