Tuesday, July 3, 2012

LA Burdicks: Choco Blast at Copley Square

The last I posted on Burdicks, the store by Copley had just opened and the cafe wasn't functional yet. But baby, they're open now!And to what stunning effect! Being new and on a little sidestreet off Boylston, not everyone has caught on to it yet. So unlike the Cambridge location, you can find a table at the Copley Burdicks with no problem. So welcome into a beautiful store replete with walnut panelling, gold and pink walls, big brass chandeliers, huge mirrors, and the narcotic-like permeation of the smell of chocolate.

Once you're in, there is no way you can go without a taste. There is something distinct, irreplaceable, and intangible about the smell of Burdick chocolate. I can't explain it any better than that. Once you've had one of their candies, you will understand; this is chocolate people in Mayan times would offer to the gods. Luckily, these days, all you need is $5 and you can have a frapuccino (see above) that is so mind-blowingly rich that you will want to split it with a friend.

But the Babe was not out for bon bons; I was out to investigate the now-functional cafe. And truly, although small, it is a mighty collection of European tarts, tortes, krugels, macaroons, and cake.

As I sat with my frapuccino and marbled krugel, with a little fork that had an old-fashioned rosebud on it, I breathed in the cool chocolate haze, and felt that this truly is one of the places in Boston where every visitor should come, and every Bostonian should put it on their regular dance card. So, next time you're in downtown Boston and wondering where to go for a treat, head straight to Burdicks...you will thank me, I promise!

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