Sunday, October 7, 2012

Put on your pink tutu and boogie, Boston!

The Honk! parade sounds like it should be a disaster. Troops of brass bands wandering around Davis Square, honking and squaling with their tubas and trumpets. Not really the kind of thing I'd normally leave the apartment and seek out. But last year I was lucky enough to stumble on the parade by accident, and I was hooked. This event is the ultimate revenge of the band geeks. Bands of musicians get duded up in their best alterna band tutus, buzzy bee tights, rabbit suits...anything goes.

In fact, I knew the Honkers! were in town on Saturday when a man walked by me wearing nothing but black tights with lemonade-yellow underwear on over his tights, clutching his trombone. These peeps didn't come here to march in rank n' file, they came to boogie. Seriously, boogie. Honk, toot, drum like maniacs, and parade like the freak circus just rolled into town. Pictures don't really do it justice to decribe the chaotic cacaphony of twenty brass bands rolling through the square, complete with unicyclists, dancing girls on stilts, and some really cute home-grown kids in Halloween costumes too.

It's so casual that it's less a parade and more of a huge block party. The key difference is that under all those wigs and false eyelashes are some really fine musicians. I mean dang good ones. You will find yourself jumping, wriggling, shaking your booty, and cheering for these marvelous revelling band geeks. They really are special, and I highly recommend that you come check out the Honk! parade the next time they roll through town. Given that it's on the same weekend as Octoberfest, you're not likely to lack for food or frosty beverages to consume whilst the fun goes down.


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