Sunday, May 18, 2014

Oakleaf Cakes: New Kids on the Block, Old School Bakery Skills!

Few things make my pulse jump like word that there's a new bakery in town. Or at least, a bakery that I didn't know about. So when I came across mention of Oakleaf Cakes downtown by the Pru Center, I booked it down there to see if rumors of insanely good Italian meringue buttercream icing were true. This delightful bakery is tucked away just a few steps from the Mapparium, a little cake shop that I suspect has yet to be discovered by throngs of tourists. So you will likely find a seat in their well appointed cafe, with a birds eye view of the delicious cakes and goodies that go marching out the door at a fair clip.

The bakery is known for their imaginative cakes that border on being sculptures, a talent that landed the bakery on a Food Network Cake challenge. Which simply means that if you need a cake shaped like a bulldog or a sparkle unicorn, they can certainly provide you with one.

If you are a budding cake artist, you can even take classes at Oakleaf. But for me, the interest lies with individual treats, things I can pick up with a coffee and savor out of hand. Oakleaf strikes me as the kind of bakery that is poised to do a roaring trade in goodies as its reputation grows by word of mouth. But as of now, they make things in small batches. I came on a Saturday afternoon and had my choice of five different kinds of cupcakes, all of which were something sublime.

All of these beauties came with an angel-fine crumb and smooth buttercream icing that would sweeten even the crankiest bakery grinch. Really, this bakery does classics perfectly. There is not a lot of fuffing around...they make one thing spectacularly well, and that is cake and frosting. Which is not to say that their cherry turnovers are not delicious with a glass of ice tea or that their cookies are not rich and moist. Because they are!

But what I will be coming back for, is this:

The honey almond cupcake. Simple flavors, gorgeous mouth texture, and a sweet sight that made me happy just to look at it. Truth be told, you will not go wrong with any of their cupcakes, and I certainly intend to take my time sampling all of them.

Visit their website at: Or stop by the bakery: 12 Westland ave. boston, ma 02115 (617) 299-1504. Mon – Thurs 7am – 10pm, Fri 7am – 11pm, Sat 8am – 11pm, Sun 8am – 8pm

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