Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rosebud Diner: At last, the pie gods are sated!

The Rosebud has been rebooted! The iconic diner car restaurant of Davis Square has been reopened to much fanfare. Although presently only dishing up dinner, it will soon be serving lunch and brunch with much aplomb. But why, you may ask, would the Bakery Babe be fiddling about with an upscale gastro diner with green leather-tufted bar stools, designer lighting, and no shortage of hipster patrons?

The answer is simple. Pie.

Regular readers of the Bakery Babe will know that my summer pie quest, although diligent, did not end in a particularly satisfying way. The pie gods were not sated, and I remained unable to recommend a place in Boston for truly good pie...until now. The Rosebud's dessert menu is largely comprised of pie. And although there are some tweaks to the classics, it is more-or-less the kind of pie that you imagine would be served at Grandma's kitchen table circa 1950.

Having been invited by my foodie conspirator to have a pie tasting, I found myself hard pressed not to plant my face into billowing whipped cream and thick, honest-to-goodness chocolate pudding in the chocolate cream pie, with a crust that was soft, a little chewy, and very satisfying. I fear my face may have been speckled with chocolate in my enthusiastic devouring. But we had two more kinds to try, and I expected what you find at most restaurants and bakeries: the same crust filled with different toppings. But the Rosebud treats each of these desserts like its own little kingdom, and the crust for the apple cherry ginger pie had a sweet layer of caramelization on top that perfectly enclosed soft apples, tart cherries, and little gems of ginger. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I was verging quite close to sugar nirvana.

And for the unusual and alluring grapefruit caramel meringue pie, I found a crumbly, sweet cookie crust housing a grapefruity custard, topped with cloud-like pillows of meringue...that truth be told did not taste like meringue...it tasted like a mountain of marshmallows that had been toasted to glorious perfection. How they are turning a profit by charging only $6 a slice for gourmet pie, I don't know, but I hope they keep it up!

And also of note, cocktails are a specialty at the Rosebud. I can report that their mocktail Blueberry Collins is excellent.

So, Boston, you have your answer at last. If you're in the mood for a heavenly pie jag, make the trek out to Davis Square and grab a seat at the Rosebud Diner. It's well worth the trip!