Monday, April 20, 2015

Swan Song for the Bakery Babe...or is it? Visit my new blog at!

It has been three and a half deliriously delicious years as the Boston Bakery Babe, and I have enjoyed every bite. Savoring Boston one cake, pie, and dainty at a time has given me a taste of the city that I will always treasure. Thank you to the 53,000 readers who have visited me here in that time. I never expected that a site which began with my love of cupcakes and cream puffs would reach so many people, but I am so pleased you visited!

Now, you may wonder, Babe, why close up shop? When I started the blog, it did not occur to me that in three and a half years I would be leaving Boston. But that is what happened. I have moved my life back to California, under palm trees and blue skies. I decided it was time to combine all of my many interests into one blog. I adore tasting and testing new food, of course. But I also write fiction, paint, and do craft projects. so, using my pen name of Silver Webb, I am pleased to present
  Le Salon Curieux de Silver Webb!

Please visit me there for further food adventures in California, paintings of fairies and mermaids, and so much more fun!

I will leave the Boston Bakery Babe site up, as a tasty trove of information about Boston, for anyone who wishes to read. But I will not be updating information on location, hours, etc. for bakeries, so please verify all of that before you set out for a visit. And let me say, Boston is so worth visiting. It is a city I truly love.

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